About Us

Our story at Bahia Redonda Marina, Venezuela


Our first goal is to continue to care for the 56 cats and 4 dogs in this lovely little animal heaven. To be able to adequately feed and care for them, and whenever possible find good homes for them.

Our second goal is to continue to work with veterinary doctors and local animal protection people, in order to help poor people Spay and Neuter their pets for free, or at a fraction of the price that a veterinary clinic would charge.

Continue our Trap Neuter Return program for animals who live on the streets, in public markets, and parks. In the past year alone, we have sterilized 150 cats and several dogs. Medicine for these procedures is very difficult to find or very expensive. .

We are looking for help in the form of Pay Pal, credit card donations, crowd funding or with our arrangement with a shipping company that will receive food purchased by you at Amazon and sent directly to us. We hope you can find it in your hart to help us! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our Team

Dellisa Flavius
Diana Thompson
Magda Reyes
María Castillo